Get a pen
and a paper
For today is a lesson
A lesson that your existence is as immaterial
as west winds to dead seeds
as shores to cyclones
as life to hatred!

Today is a lesson
That voices of dissent will die
that Marx shouldn’t have been born
that hallows can fuel funerals
that pens bleed
and swords dance
that expression is fatal.

Today is a lesson
that penetrations
do not need physical contact anymore
that murderers
not necessarily be living in bunkers
that all those out there teaching lessons
might not be teachers we so fondly looked up to in school

Today is a lesson
That democracy is the new dictatorship
that death could be a celebration
that tears sublime away to form clouds
that rain bullets
That if the world were a human,
It’d be blind.

Today is a lesson
That metaphors are lies
White isn’t peace
Black isn’t apathy
That science is a lie
A mix of vibgyor gives a scary, dark red.
That poets are dead
for sensitivities lie untouched,
intentions hidden,
revolutions dormant.

Get a pen
And a paper
For today is a lesson
That no more lessons will be taught.
So break the pen.
And burn the paper.