(Just to make it a little convenient, it is a slam on the society where first para compares society to an ex-lover, the second to a perverted uncle, and third to a not so friendly friend)


I lie
I lie when with a crooked smile,
Isled in a galaxy of apprehensions, meanwhile
recalling to yourself that moment of denial
you ask me,
“How’s life?”
And I, smirking, shirking
the moment away, reply
“Just the usual”, I lie!
I lie
For my heart, like a dart board
For too long now
has been deceiving the eyes,
receiving dart-lies
each competing with the other
to pierce right at the centre
and make an unmendable void!
So from your heart devoid
of the so-called emotion thing
stop questioning
of things you never care
and rather turn all those darts
towards your own heart
and dig all the hypocrisy out,
shout, for I won’t listen,
like you didn’t,
till crying you die
I lie!

I lie
I lie when your gentle touch upon my head,
windless eyes, heavy breath, husky voice
ask me to relax,
and eat, and sleep
but instead I weep
to go home, for my favourite cartoon
would not find me on the sofa
so I go far,
far from your reach,
far from your love
far from the concerned blink of your eyes,
I lie!
I lie
For I see
that gentle touch going down
from the head to the neck to the waist
I taste, the lust in that trickling drop of sweat
I bet, I know it ends at the tip of your manhood
And then it would
tear apart my respect
which, according to you,
comes attached to my hymen!
And then you’ll be free, and numb I’ll see
the naked you prancing,
the covered me glancing
the rugged paths to the kingdom called liberty
where corpses lie heaped
Corpses of the many ‘me’
I’ll stumble, I’ll fall
But atleast won’t deny
I lie!

I lie
I lie when the blood clot
on the crazy, pumping organ, often
linked with love,
comes out. Without
a hint of pain I look away
and say,
“I’m fine”
Skipping to the beats of trance
twitching in a melancholic dance
it keeps itself alive, sigh!
I lie!
I lie
For I foresee, very
used to you
slowly undressing,
and then pricking
at the wounds
with your hands uncouth,
your intentions impious
your tryst with my pain
again, is unveiled
revealed is your face
The torment I embrace
but fool am I not
so for all the pretence I got
the greatest truth is spoken
you are shrugged off
and off I fly
I lie!


Note: Image by Oscar Keys